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A few of Alfie’s character-building playmates who feature in his stories...

Stephen Bradley Kidnapper

Neddy Smith Jim McNeill

Jim McNeill
Jail Playwright

John Andrew Stuart

John Andrew Stuart

Darcy Dugan

Darcy Dugan

Joe Meissner

Joe Meissner

 Excerpt from Characters & Capers:

I was back in 2 Range at Long Bay Jail, waiting for classification. I was sort of getting used to jail life, but the actions of one particular man were to very quickly jolt me out of any lethargy I might have felt.

I was leaving the shower block one morning when I saw John Stuart in the chat’s yard, walking purposefully towards the steel-barred fence separating it from the remand yards. Something in his manner made me stop and watch him. I knew Stuart to be a very fit and powerful man. I’d not forgotten his impressive performance walking the stairs on his hands some years before. The steel-barred fence was about twelve feet high. Without hesitation, he scaled the bars as quick as a monkey, then dropped smoothly into the remand yard. I was astonished at his actions. I glanced around, looking for a reaction from the screws about the place. There were three screws at the two centre gates in that fence at our end of the yard, another in front of the shower block I’d just left, and two or three more who were just walking through the general area. All were within 25 metres of him. They were all watching Stuart, but not a voice was raised or a move made by anyone to stop him!

Like every inmate in the area, I wondered what he was up to. Prisoners scattered from his path as he ran down the full length of the remand yard to the toilets. He went behind the waist-high wall and bent down. When he straightened, he had an iron bar in his hand. He then walked around the yard, picked out five guys seemingly at random, and lined them up against a wall.

Without a word, he started beating them with the iron bar, one, then another. Such was the terror Stuart instilled in his victims, like seal cubs at the slaughter, they made no effort to defend themselves. I can’t describe the feeling of dread that swept over me. It was sickening. The sound of his iron bar breaking flesh and bone without pause was broken only by the screams of the men begging for mercy.

Perhaps a hundred or so men, warders and prisoners alike, stood silent, shocked at the spectacle. It was awesome to watch the methodical way he went about his business.

Leaving the men lying on the ground, some moaning, others unconscious, Stuart wiped his fingerprints off the bar, dropped it, then walked up and rattled the gate. One of the screws obediently opened the gate for him. With utter unconcern, he then walked over to his wing to begin his day’s work. Not a word was spoken to him when he left the remand yard. All hell broke loose as he reached his wing. Each and every one of his victims were hospitalised, all with severe injuries.

No action was ever taken by the authorities. No charges were ever laid against Stuart. None of the men concerned were ever compensated for their awful injuries.

I understand why the screws at Long Bay chose not to take action against John Stuart. They were just as frightened of him as the crims were! I acknowledge that that is an astounding statement to make, but I’ll say it again: they were actually frightened of him. I could never blame them.

When I discovered the facts behind Stuart’s actions, I was stunned with disbelief. The day before, one of Stuart’s associates had told Stuart a story. He’d mentioned that he’d been given the tip by someone else that the five guys in question had been responsible for a sexual assault on a friend of his niece's girlfriend! It was typical jail-house bull-shit rumour. Despite his associate’s very casual remarks being totally unsubstantiated, Stuart decided to be judge, jury and executioner to them all. He’d immediately arranged for the iron bar to be smuggled into the remand yard, waited till the next morning, then made his move. Stuart didn’t know any of the men. He did his number on them on casual hearsay. I know, because the moron who told him, told me what he’d done. For Stuart, it was more than enough reason to demonstrate his complete mastery of the jail and everyone in it.

John Andrew Stuart was a terrifying piece of work indeed. He was one of the most physically tough and aggressive human beings I have ever met. He stood just on 6 feet tall, with a medium to heavy build. As I’ve mentioned before, his eyes were very special. If, as they say, the eyes are the window to the soul, then Stuart’s soul was empty. He existed only to dominate others, and was better equipped for this purpose than any other man I have ever met. Without doubt, he was the most notoriously violent criminal of his era, though he wasn’t yet a household name.

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