Alf Morley's Incredible Story as told to Peter A Blood

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A Collection of Shocking, True Stories
about Crime, the Courts and Jails in Australia
during the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s & 80’s...

Hey, when you were a kid, did you ever “borrow” a few
bucks from your Mum’s purse when she wasn’t looking?

Well, Alf and Ernie did too... !

"Stealing milk money from the neighbours was a bonus. We twins found we could spend it! With that realisation, we moved to straight out stealing of whatever was to hand, firstly from yards and garages, then from inside neighbour’s houses. Mum’s purse was a natural target too."

“His Mum, and everyone else, despaired...”

If you have a kid that’s going off the rails, then let that kid read this book. Why?

If you were a Morley family member, a policeman or prison warder in the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s or early 80’s, Alfie and Ernie Morley really were kids to despair about. They just couldn’t (or wouldn’t) go straight... right from early childhood. They ran riot through childhood and adolescence. Then Ernie died in custody.  

Quite a character, Alfie. He went on to run riot for nearly 30 years, in every state in Australia. If you come to know him, you’ll understand his unswerving loyalty. The contradiction is, you’ll also come to know how he survived, and at times thrived, in the criminal and legal jungles, and in jails, where loyalty and trust are more often than not meaningless.

It’s this contradiction in Alf that has produced the incredible stories in this book. Alf never took a backward step where it was possible for him to go forward (or perhaps sideways on occasion... but only when really necessary!) And he did take some extraordinary steps at times!  

After 30 years of it, what are Alf’s conclusions? The fact is, he wrote this book for his kids, indeed for all kids who might think, as he once did, that a life of crime is the way to go. The truth is, it’s serious, sometimes very painful stuff. Alf is grateful to still be alive to tell it.

It makes for a hell of a good read...


And did you stop when you got caught?

Yes? Well, Alf and Ernie DIDN’T... !

So you buckled down and lived by the rules then, eh? Not Alf or Ernie. Driven by a growing hatred of authority and a desperate need to prove themselves against the odds, they maintained their chosen lifestyle despite constantly facing the full force of the law - not once, not twice, but many times, over their early years.

Only death was to intervene.

Remember the days of the old “kick in the backside” copper?

Alf does... !

To listen to some, the good old days included police having the freedom to kick a kid in the bum, give him a good fright and send him on home. Result? A lifetime of productive service to the community from the kid. Yeah, right!.

Alf and Ernie were tragically separated by this “kick-arse” system. Shattered, Alf was left to go it alone. His hatred knew no bounds. Society created authority and that authority, he thought, was applied unfairly. Society would pay.

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Characters & Capers - Alf Morley’s Life and Times

Looking back, it’s a wonder he got here...

But, believe it or not, Alf is now a Grandad !

Today, Alf agrees that luck has gone his way. For many years he was just another criminal statistic in the records of Australia’s “justice” system. Now he’s a family man, a proud father and grandfather, with a driving compulsion to tell his story for the benefit of young people.

Alf has always been a passionate advocate of truth... when it has suited him to be! In these stories it suits him to be, as the stories were written for his children in an attempt to set the record straight for them. There’s a great deal of supporting information provided, but cold,hard, bureaucratic facts can’t compare to the reality drawn in this first-hand account. A must-read bunch of yarns.

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Testimonials Testimonials

A few of Alfie’s character-building playmates who feature in his stories...

Stephen Bradley Kidnapper

Jim McNeill
Jail Playwright

John Andrew Stuart

Darcy Dugan
Armed Robber

Joe Meissner

“Chow” Hayes

Lancelot McGregor Saidler
Standover Man

Neddy Smith Murderer, etc...

Stephen Bradlley Neddy Smith Jim McNeill Ernie Good John Andrew Stuart Darcy Dugan Joe Meissner Chow Hayes Lancelot McGregor Saidler Book Presentation

Ernie Goode
Wine Bar Owner

What do everyday people think about the book?

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