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A few of Alfie’s character-building playmates who feature in his stories...

Stephen Bradley Kidnapper

Neddy Smith Jim McNeill

Jim McNeill
Jail Playwright

John Andrew Stuart

John Andrew Stuart

Darcy Dugan

Darcy Dugan

Joe Meissner

Joe Meissner

 Extract From Characters & Capers:

Our taxi dropped us off a few hundred metres from the Governor’s house. We walked slowly towards it, studying our surrounds. Nothing obvious disturbed me. On the dot of 8.00PM I knocked on the front door. Governor Smith opened it himself, still dressed in his working suit. He knew me well, but he said nothing as he motioned us to enter. We very gingerly walked a few feet into his lounge room, then stopped and waited.

He started off bluntly, "Did you bring the gun?"

"What?” I asked, astonishment in my whole manner. “I’ve got a package for you! I’ve got no idea what’s in it!”

"Give it to me. Slowly!” he said.

I remember thinking, rather flippantly; “That's not a bad idea, real slowly!” I motioned to my lady to give me the package from her handbag. I had previously re-packed and re-wrapped the cigar box, conveniently forgetting to include the money of course! In the process I had removed my fingerprints from both the contents and the inside of the box itself.

The only light in the place came from a fitting above a dining table, about fifteen feet away. Smith moved over to better examine the package. I followed him a short way and stopped. As I stopped, I saw a slight movement to my left out of the corner of my eye. The house was a two-storey affair. There was someone in the shadows on the middle of the stairway. I moved a little closer to where Smith was standing, while still watching the stairway. I was moving out of the line of view (or fire?) as casually as I could, leaving Heather well out of it. From the corner of my eye again, I saw two men stepping rather clumsily down several stairs so as to regain their vantage point.

Smith opened the package and removed the gun. Looking closer into the box he asked smoothly, “Were there any bullets to come with this?'' I smiled and reminded him that I had no idea what was in the package. He looked up, smiled back at me, then moved to his left around the table. It was then that I saw a very large gun in a holster under his coat! It was at least a .38 revolver, possibly even a .45, the thought of either of which made me feel a little uneasy. He stopped suddenly and turned back to the box on the table. His coat opened the other way, swinging heavily from his body. I could see wires hanging out of his inside coat pocket. I was suddenly sure everything I was saying was being taped!

"Is there really any need for that?" I asked, pointing to the coat pocket holding the tape-recorder.

He was awkward with that for a moment, then replied, "Have you any objection? Have you anything to hide?”

"No!” I answered. We left it at that.

Then he really threw me out of gear. Out of the blue, he asked me, "How was Darcy Dugan going to get this gun, Alf?” Darcy was a very well known, life-time crim, famous for his many escapes from various prisons. He was currently at Parramatta Jail.

About three weeks after I took the package to Governor Smith I was reading the Sydney “Daily Telegraph” newspaper. I saw a small item which described how an inmate of Parramatta Jail had been sent to “another jail” (Grafton!) for having contraband in his possession. I was surprised to read that the item in question was a camera! Sadly, I was not surprised that the inmate was Darcy Dugan. I thought it rather peculiar, at the very least, that the gun did not rate a mention. It seems it simply disappeared. I do wonder if, in some dusty cupboard deep within the bowels of Parramatta Jail, there lies a chrome plated, small calibre revolver with a note explaining the circumstances of its existence. I have my doubts.”

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Chow Hayes

“Chow” Hayes

Lancelot McGregor Saidler

Lancelot McGregor Saidler

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Ernie Goode
Wine Bar Owner

Ernie Good

Neddy Smith Murderer, etc...

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Character: Darcy Dugan
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